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To upscale performance, retain and grow talent

Future-Proof Creativity: How to Brand 2024+

RGDA & The Alternative School for Creative Thinking have set up a partnership – a fusion of our resources, ideas, and energies – to create a conducive environment where the passion for creativity, the desire to learn by doing and the will to compete internationally are tailored to educate and promote Romanian Talent on word’ stages. The first initiative is a privileged access for the RGDA members toFuture Proof Creativity: How to brand 24+'' intensive training & competitions, a sort of Cannes before Cannes Lions kind of program, at its 19th edition in 2024.

The goals of the Alliance 

“Through this partnership we aim to expose those working in game development to a wider type of creativity content, relevant for advertisers and brands, thus helping them better understand the commercial outcome of their work, the importance of engagement, the relationship with the communities, the role and mechanics of a remarkable storytelling endeavor”, said Catalin Butnariu, RGDA’s president. 

“By building up bridges between designers, game developers, brand managers and all species of content creators out there, inviting them to learn and compete together, we want to set contemporary hierarchies of values and promote Romanian talent at the world’ stage, via internationally acclaimed competitions, said Teodora Migdalovici, #TheAlternativeSchool’s founder.

Topics to be studied: 


Contemporary Design & Visual Languages

SoMe & Digital. Create to amplify

The Elusive Consumer | The how of the Engagement

Escapism & Immersion

Breakdance with AI

 • Storytelling / Storydoing

For whom:

Creativity passionate, regardless the age

*Ideally suited for employees working in the creative, design, marketing, pr, branding departments

*Employees from all walks of life and all ages are encouraged to attend, if interested in communication & creativity and willing to update

Talent interested the international competitions

  • Teams of two

  • Under 30 years old

  • At least one member is fluent in visual languages

  • Beyond the training attendance, they will have to solve 3 creative briefs.

  • The winning team, evaluated by experts, will attend Cannes Lions – The international festival of Creativity, both for the seminars of the week and in the Young Lions competition

Examples of briefs solved in 2023 here.

Benefits of the program:

1. Retention & talent management, to help employees update their knowledge, skills and widen their perspectives on creativity, contemporary visual languages, User Experience & engagement with the consumer 

2. By exposure to contemporary branding, design & creativity lectures, to understand more about communication with business & society impact outcomes

3. Networking among most promising talent coming from the game development, design, advertising & branding communities

4. Only 1 month intensive program, with evening, twice a week meetings (7-9pm), experienced by the attendees in the comfort of their homes, while being connected with some of the brightest minds of the planet.

5. An international specialization at Cannes Lions for the best, worth > 6000 E that alumni define as being actually #priceless

6. R&D + recruitment opportunities ( get intouch with the program’s founder for details )

7. A diploma in the end, but far more importantly, remarkable knowledge & skills

8. Game development x Smart Advertising equal love.

  1. Privilege pass for the RGDA partners.

How to:

To enjoy the benefits of the RGDA offer, get in touch with Andra Serea, the Communication Architect of the program: andra@thealternativeschool.com  / +40 766 231 478, mentioning in the subject #RGDAPass.

Andra is there to help you with all the necessary additional info.

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