ROMANIAN INDUSTRY REPORT 2021 2021-10-29T18:23:53+03:00

The State of the Romanian Game Developers Industry

The role of the Romanian Game Developers Association is to represent and promote the game development industry in Romania and to create opportunities for the local companies in this sector. One of the most important things that we can do as an independent third party organization is to keep track of the activity and development of the industry throughout the years and present such information to the public. This document aims to be the most
comprehensive overview of the game development industry in Romania, to date.  The report includes also a history of game development in Romania and general information about the global industry, for context. Last but not least, we’ve included a catalogue of games and companies, which should be helpful for anyone looking to understand and connect with local studios. We’re fully committed to our organization’s mission and we’ll continue to improve and update this report in the coming years, as a key tool for the continued promotion and support of our industry.
Catalin Butnariu,
President of the Romanian Game
Developers Association

2020 Highlights

  • €218.5 Mn total revenue
  • 6000+ employees
  • 70%  of service providers plan to develop their own game in the future
  • 67% of studios expect revenue growth in 2021
  • 67% of studios have less than 10 employees
  • 20% percentage of women in the industry
  • 52% of studiosBucharest based
  • 68% Development studios
  • 19.1% YoY growth
  • 125+ active studios

Snapshot of the 2020 local industry

The Romanian Gaming Industry is growing. In 2020, the consolidated revenue of the gaming industry in Romania reached over EUR200 million, according to data reported to the tax authorities. The overall local market growth  was 19.1% ( on par with the global percentage increase), most of the active studios registering higher turnover during last year.

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