Meetup RGDA – Iunie 16 – Cluj -How We Won GameDev by Rolling Our Own Tech – Mihai Gosa (KillHouse Games)

In collaboration with our friends from Tech Academy and Cluj Hub, we invite you to our second RGDA meetup in the beautiful city of Cluj!
Come find out some interesting stuff from our presenters, enjoy the hospitality of our hosts and meet some new friends!

Here are the topics:
How We Won GameDev by Rolling Our Own Tech (EN, all levels)

Did you know you can make successful games faster, cheaper and more reliable by building your own tech instead of using a third party engine?

With a small team and no budget, KillHouse Games managed to make 2014’s best tactics game (Door Kickers) in a very short time, with a huge amount of content, on 5 platforms. Without using any third-party engines or tools.
Instead of adding tech, they removed tech. They kept removing until there was almost nothing left. Sounds counter-intuitive? Think of it this way: simpler means faster, cheaper and more reliable.
Learn about the extreme simplicity of the production pipeline and the “unified everything” game engine used for Door Kickers.
Learn that developing a game can also be done in a very smart and simple way, instead of spending years or $$$$$ on game engines. Learn how to focus on what is important and that finding the simplest solutions is usually the hardest.

How one can optimize game development for maximum efficiency by dropping standard development models. How you can create a good game by going in the opposite direction from the industry. How one can create successful games without taking years on development and without spending big money on game engines and tools.

Intended Audience
Video game companies as a whole (since the talk is about efficiency in development, in general), therefore any professional in the gamedev industry: programmers, artists, designers.
Prerequisite knowledge: general knowledge of the video games industry and general knowledge of game engines.

About the speaker:
Mihai Gosa, CEO/CTO at KillHouse Games Studio


AR & VR : Transitioning to the next thing (EN, all levels)

VR & AR is the next big thing in this Industry, the consumer products are just around the corner, however transitioning from a professional developer or designer or even a company to commit to this new technology without being disrupting will not be easy.

So we will be looking at what the industry how is today how will it be tomorrow , and how you can be part of it.

About the speaker:

Ionut Paslar would describe his self as a visionary that is driven by the desire to create , innovate and build profitable businesses by always staying on the top of all newest technological advancements and leveraging it into new immersive products and experiences. He have worked in small startups, in big companies and all these experiences have shaped him into a better programmer and enlarged my vision onto the IT industry.


18:00 – 18:15 – Arrival time. Come in, get a ticket and your name tag. Have some snacks, pour yourself a cup of coffee/tea and meet us!

18:15 – 19:00 – How We Won GameDev by Rolling Our Own Tech (EN, all levels)

19:00 – 19:15 – Let’s take a break, enjoy some refreshments and network some more!

19:15 – 20:00 – AR & VR : Transitioning to the next thing (EN, all levels)

20:00 – 20:15 – Conclusions

Why to attend?

To learn as to what others are doing;

To ask questions;

To network;

To relax and have a chat;

To speak about your products and services;

To build or to retain old connections;

Attendance fee – 25 ron. Join us!

Disclaimer : None of the fees collected for this event go to RGDA.

Registration on Meetup is mandatory for this event!

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