Meet the Romanian speakers! – Central European Games Conference 2016!

This year, Central European Games Conference (CEGConf 2016) will take place in Vienna, between 17 – 21 February.

Below you can find a list of speakers from Romania:

1) Tina Merry – Sr. Director, WW Core QA at Electronic Arts Romania, Bucharest

Title: “I love this industry!”  – CEGC 2016 Women in Games and Diversity Highlight

Date: 18 February, 10:10-11:30

Location: Kleiner Festsaal, University of Vienna

Session Description: This session will explore the concept of career development, as Tina describes some of her experiences working in the video game industry. A helpful framework and tips from others who work in gaming will be part of the agenda.

2) Nicolae Berbece – Producer and Designer at Those Awesome Guys, Bucharest

Title: ”The T word that everybody skips”

Date: 19 February, 16:00-17:00

Location: Room HS31, University of Vienna

Session Description: This talk is about tutorials and if it doesn’t teach you what we are doing wrong, it means I shouldn’t talk about tutorials. Annoying pop-ups, walls of text, images of controllers with a bajillion little lines coming out of them leading to actions that the player is supposed to magically remember before even playing the game. Seriously, these things need to be fixed. Let’s talk about how to make a good tutorial without the player even realizing that he is going through one.

3) Radu Danciu – Founder at Sprocket,Inc., Iasi

Title: ”Tooling for the Future of Production”

Date: 19 February, 15:00-15:30

Location: Room HS32, University of Vienna

Session Description: With the continuous progress to architectures and performance with each subsequent hardware generation it is imperative to both build reusable and expandable tools and to consider leveraging mature technologies to speed up production. The session will touch on bringing good code writing practices from other segments of the industry to game development, supported by relevant examples from experience.

You can find the entire agenda of the event here:

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