EGDF Supports the Romanian Community

EGDF helps studios around Europe ADAPT and REACT in this new world with new coordinated actions. RGDA as a member of EGDF worked at developing these measures and wants to make sure that all Romanian game developers know about the opportunities created by the European Game Developers Federation.

  1. For those studios that do work for hire and want to find new projects to work on: 

#Devs4Devs is a project initiated by EGDF and Games Bavaria Munich with the logistical support of RCP which aims to match those studios that are looking for extra hands with those studios looking for subcontracting deals.

If you want to OFFER SUPPORT, fill in your contact details and description of the services you offer here: then take a look at the companies searching for support here :

Alternatively, if you’re SEARCHING SUPPORT, fill in your contact details and job description here: then check out those who are offering their services to support here:

    2. For those studios developing a game that need a publisher or an investor to help out with funding the project

EGBG (European Games BizDev Gathering) is an online pitching event that will take place May 13th and 14th and all publishers, investors and European devs in need of support are invited. Registrations open on the 15th of April and we will update this post with a new link when this happens. Until then, learn more about the initiative here:…/    and make sure you follow the Facebook page of the event for updates here:


3. List of online, rescheduled, cancelled events around the world 

You can find the calendar that is updated constantly with new events here:

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