Community gatherings

Want to meet the local game dev community ? You might want to pop-by one of these monthly events organized by community members:


DevKnights  –  each first Thursday of each month, a new studios opens its doors to other game dev visitors. They provide beer and snacks and the chance for you to get to know them better, learn about the projects they work on and see their game cave 🙂  Check their facebook page to see where the next studio open doors will take place HERE.

Bucharest Indie Games Pub Night –  mid month its time for the Bucharest Indies to host their meetups! Check your calendars, if it is Thursday and mid month it means you can either come with your game and ask for feedback from the indie community or come over and learn more about some new games developed in Bucharest.  One thing is clear about these events, you will be testing some awesome Romanian games!

RGD Beer Meetups –  the Romanian Game Developers group on Discord decided it is time to vent and chat over a beer and organizez a beer meetup every last Thursday of each month! Go there if you want to casually connect with your peers over a beer….or three….or five. Last man standing apparently is the rule there.   Check their Facebook group for the next event  HERE.


Timisoara  Game Developers group organizes meetups / gatherings for the game dev community there and we hope these will be organized  monthly from now on. In any case, the best way to find out when you can meet the Game dev community in Timisoara is on their facebook group  HERE.

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