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RGDA organizes a wide variety of events for its members and also for the larger audience ( game industry professionals and gamers) in order to raise public awareness and help members develop and grow further by thus advancing the game development Industry in Romania. The Association organizes Dev.Play the game development conference for Eastern Europe and also organizes a number of free events per year for its members and those interested to find out more applied stories about the industry. It also organizes special events either events focused on education and training for its members and new talent or promotional events in order to raise awareness about the industry.

Find out more about the first Romanian Game Development Industry Conference

Oportunitati de finantare si scalare pentru studioul tau! – 2 iulie 2019
Networking in Game Development – Tips and Tricks – 4 iunie 2019
French and Romanian Indie Devs Day – 23 mai 2019
Let’s Talk Business: How your mobile game can thrive in China – 2 aprilie 2019
Bucharest Global Game Jam 2019 – 25 ianuarie 2019
Let’s Talk Business: Pitching, Investors, Business Plans – 14 ianuarie 2019
Dev.Play 2018 – La ce ne asteptam de la a treia editie
Dev.Play Spring Workshop – 1 March 2018