PRESS RELEASE: RGDA and Rollic partner to help develop in Romania a globally billion-dollars industry, the Hypercasual game development industry

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Bucharest, 9 July – The Romanian Game Developers Association (RGDA) and one of the world’s leading hypercasual game developer and publisher, Rollic, partnered to help grow the hypercasual mobile game development industry in Romania, a globally billion-dollars industry. Rollic is known for publishing worldwide hit mobile games such as Go Knots 3D, Tangle Master 3D, Repair Master 3D and many more titles that worlds’ gamers enjoy.

The aim of the RGDA-Rollic partnership is to help developers and aspiring hypercasual developers in Romania develop games that can be turned into worldwide success stories. This partnership will enable RGDA to offer the needed resources and mentorship to organize webinars, workshops, meetups, game jams, and also create a tight-knit online and offline community of like-minded developers.

Anyone who wishes to join the hypercasual community in Romania can access the dedicated web page on, and fill in the form for registration in the community (including registration to the private Discord channel) where they will have access to all these free resources, community discussions and announcements regarding the projects to follow.

“We are proud of this long-term partnership with Rollic, true innovators and change-makers in the hypercasual games field. Through them and with their expertise, we now have the best resources to gather and help grow the hypercasual game development community in Romania. There is so much untapped potential when it comes to this type of games and we believe Romania can become a force in this market, with the help of the right partners.’’ mentioned Andreea Medvedovici-Per, RGDA Executive Director.

The mobile gaming industry is now almost 50% of the global games market and hypercasual mobile games are the most downloaded games in the world today. This category of free to play mobile games grew significantly in the past 3 years, exploding in 2019 and launching a new generation of games, game developers and even gamers. These games bring a revenue of around $2 billion to $2.5 billion per year and have attracted hundreds of thousands of traditional non-gamers (such as women over 35) to become gamers.

“Our main focus is building games that people can enjoy. While producing massive scaling global titles we are focusing on building a future-proof ecosystem in the gaming industry. Especially merging data with creativity and automation is the key. I personally believe that there is a huge potential in Romania that we’ll bring into light just as we did in Turkey.”, stated Rollic Co-Founder, Burak Vardal.

Hypercasual games have simple game design mechanics and developing prototypes for these games should be easy to do by anyone with a passion for video games development. However, what makes a hypercasual game successful is the business mechanisms, user acquisition techniques, and monetization systems around it. For this reason, business education tools and resources are very important for hypercasual developers and this is exactly the type of tools that RGDA will be able to deliver through this strategic partnership with Rollic.


Rollic is an İstanbul based game developer and publisher, founded in January 2019. With the increasing growth rate, Rollic became one of the world’s leading game companies and publishers in a timeline less than a year. Rollic is committed to producing massive scaling global titles while building a future-proof ecosystem in the gaming industry. Among the many games they published that became instant hits worldwide: Go Knots 3D, Tangled Master 3D, Gold Rush 3D, Repair Master 3D, Baseball Heroes, Color Circles 3D.


Romanian Game Developers Association (RGDA) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support and promote the Romanian video game developers’ market into making them more successful and profitable on the internal and international market.  RGDA is a full member of EGDF – European Game Developers Federation.

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