Start of registrations for Romanian game developers for EuroPlay Games Contest

RGDA partnered with Ukie (The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment) and with other trade associations Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Belarus, ,Ukraine, Bulgaria, The Netherlands and Spain for the launch of The EuroPlay Games Contest which will take place on 28th August during well-known international gaming industry event Gamescom. The EuroPlay Games Contest: ‘Eurovision of games’ will show the best unreleased games from across Europe in a live showcase on Twitch in a Eurovision-style contest.

This is an exciting show that will take place at Gamescom this year and we are grateful to UKIE for putting this together. We hope more national trade associations join the contest and we make this a truly European endeavor. We are looking forward to many nominations coming from our local community. It is a creative, innovative community and I am sure it is going to be hard to decide on the game that will ultimately represent us at EuroPlay.”, said Andreea Medvedovici-Per, Executive Director of RGDA.

The representatives for each country will be selected by each nation’s association or trade body to represent their nation in the competition. The nomination for the Romanian game to participate in the contest will be decided by the local industry through a poll. Developers who make it to EuroPlay will then have the chance to show off their game in the form of a short trailer – the more impactful and imaginative, the better.

The Romanian entry will be decided through two peer polls (peer reviews ONLY, not fans, not gamers or players, only game devs) on the local community’s private channels: Discord (RGDA Channel) and Facebook (RGDA GROUP).

The poll will be made public on the 20th of July, and each game that registered to enter the competition will be individually promoted by RGDA in the week of the poll being live. The winner will be announced with all pump and circumstance on the 24th of July to the local industry and to UKIE who deals with organizing the European level contest and needs to know all about the local chosen game.

Want to take part in the competition???   REGISTER HERE by JULY 16th latest!

Once all the entries have been broadcast, a public vote will be conducted on Twitter to crown the inaugural EuroPlay Contest champion.

During the contest, journalists, influencers and publishers will have a chance to meet the teams behind each competing game during a dedicated video-conference call.

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