Almost 300 participants made over 70 games at the first virtual Game Jam in Romania

Between 28 April – 4 May, RGDA together with GameDev AcademyGame Heroes and RGD – Romanian Game Developers organized “Jam de Casa“/”Homemade Jam“, Romania’s first virtual Game Jam. Almost 300 participants that had significant or any experience in game development, signed up for the online Game Jam. Some of them made teams with their families, virtual teams with their friends or with other participants to make a game in 5 days. At the end of the Game Jam, 72 experimental mini-games were made, including video games and board games, having in mind the Game Jam’s theme, “You only have 5 minutes”. These games can be enjoyed for free here.

The main purpose of this Game Jam was to create, a platform with free family friendly video games and to gather funds for the Romanian hospitals. The gaming companies Amber, Angry Mob Games, AMC Studio, Ubisoft Romania and Gameloft Romania supported the project “Jam de Casa” with important sponsorship right from the beginning.

To further open the donations for anybody who wished to support the project, at the end of the Game Jam, between 4-6 May, a Charity live stream was organized by Game Dev Radio to gather more funds, time when all the games developed at the Jam were played live by Jam de Casa organizers. Over 40,000 RON donations were raised due to Jam de Casa, funds which will reach the hospitals in Romania through our partners from the Association “Zi de bine”. is intended to become the largest platform for free family-friendly Romanian games. This first online Game Jam gave the start for the development of the project. The platform also hosts a large library of tutorials, free assets and other guidelines very useful for anybody curious to start the journey of game development.

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