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Abyss Attack

Abyss Attack is a mobile shooter in which you control a submarine to fight mysterious underwater creatures. The enemy creatures move beautifully and lifelike using procedural animation. Steampunk visuals combine with the organic look of the creatures to give the game an unique feel. You can equip weapons such as laser, homing missiles, rotating blades, electric discharge and more to fight your way through the abyss.

– Shoot incredible creatures in a mysterious ocean.

– Upgrade your submarine and go as far as you can.

– Beautiful and colorful enemies with lifelike movements.

– Equip powerups like Blades, Bombs, Missiles, Tesla, Laser and more.

– Unlock different submarines.

– Fight bosses, mini-bosses and strange creatures.
The game was designed and developed by Deep Byte Studios and previously published by Chillingo (Electronic Arts) for iOS/Android/SamsungTVs (until January 2017). It had over 430,000 downloads with over 4-star user rating.