What is a hypercasual game?

2022-02-01T20:15:32+02:00 7 April 2021|

A hyper-casual game is a mobile video game which is easy-to-play and usually free-to-play; they also feature very minimalistic user interfaces.

What is Pine?

2021-04-08T14:04:07+03:00 7 April 2021|

Pine is an app for event that can pe used on a mobile or a desktop. We will use it for the first day of event, on May 14th for the opening presentations.

Follow the theme.

2022-02-01T20:20:03+02:00 6 April 2021|

The general topic of the game jam is hyper casual games. The specific theme or a restriction will be announced during the Opening Webinar in Pine. Only hyper-casual games that fit the theme will be [...]

Use any tool

2022-02-01T20:20:26+02:00 6 April 2021|

You're free to use any technology, engine, software and hardware, just make sure you're not violating any licensing and IP rights.

Consult with mentors

2021-04-07T19:12:54+03:00 6 April 2021|

During the opening webinar, you will be introduced to mentors who will be ready to answer your questions, consult and guide you through specified communications channels (discord) during the mentorship hours on May 15 - [...]