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Avrach Resurrection

By Fluffy Bisons

Avrach Resurrection is played in third-person point of view in fantasy world environment. Enemies are defeated by using hack and slash mechanics with your character sword (you can also use your fist to punch enemies).

In the beginning the character’s pieces of armor are scattered all around the map. In order to defeat enemies and finish the level you have to find all armor pieces. Some of these pieces are easy to get but some are not. There are also enemies that can’t be killed. You should try to get by them without getting hit in order to get your armor. With every piece of armor that you gather you’ll become more stronger and you’ll be able to defeat enemies that are guarding the next area of the map.

At the end of the map, by entering the portal, you can use the Robot avatar to get past the racing challenge .

Avoid obstacles in a running like game and reach the end of the level in order to unlock the Guardian (Boss like creature) from the next map.

Avrach Resurrection has 20 levels in total: 10 RPG like maps, 9 running/race like maps with obstacles , and 1 Rpg final Boss map. Gameplay time is 2-4 hours long and levels can be replayed by using the in game “Level Select” button available after you finish the game for the first time. Game will be followed soon by a part two campaign which will continue in game storyline.

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