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Project Description

WHYTTEST is a small, young company, with a friendly culture, located in Bucharest, Romania. Since 2014, here you can find the perfect mix between the professionalism of an international company and the freedom of a local company. Not to mention the blend between “young blood” and veterans of the industry.

We are not your average video game and software testing company!

Here you won’t find any “rage quitters”.

Our goal is to help by any means, the development team reach the release date by ensuring that the game meets the required quality standards, at any point during the development process.

Our main quality is flexibility, as we believe the development process is very dynamic, with lots of challenges for the teams involved, so we are adapting our testing services to the needs of our clients.

We want to build a partnership with the production team so we can give the product the best quality chance when meeting the users.”

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