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Project Description

WAM is a platform where people compete in tournaments to win crypto rewards in $WAM and NFT’s. You can play using your mobile phone from Chrome of Safari or you can download WAM.app from GooglePlay and Apple AppStore.

Users on WAM can own games and tournaments to generate recurring revenue, developers can publish games and sell NFT’s and marketers can promote tournaments to earn $WAM from them.

The concept of money maker by playing hyper casual games based on skill is new in the gaming industry and WAM is the first platform in the world that let you do this. All you need in order to play on the WAM platform is a few minutes of your time and the desire to be the best. You can participate in tournaments all around the world, wherever you have internet acces. Players dont have to be connected at the same time, and that is very good for players because each can complete wherever they find the time to do so.

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