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Project Description

The MavenHut story began in 2012 when they challenged the nature of play and turned classic games into imaginative social experiences.
Their first innovation was to bring the social into the unsocial Solitaire. They’re developing Solitaire games with a casual flavor, where you can compete against other players in real time. The games are available on both Facebook and the mobile market, mainly iOS and Android.
The team envisioned MavenHut as a platform for innovation, on all 3 levels – product, internal processes and business model. They are fully dedicated to creating entertainment for others, so it is only fair they should also work in a great place, with a fun working environment.
They’ve designed a workplace meant to foster magic and greatness and built the MavenHut team with courageous and talented young people.
They strongly believe that happiness is the trigger for success. “If we love what we’re doing, we’ll be successful!” – is their motto.

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