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Viking Vengeance

Viking Vengeance is an RPG inspired by norse mythology with many twists and new mechanics in a lowpoly cartoonish environment.


– Worship a God of your choosing to gain their aid in battle or even become their avatar for a short period of time

– Raider and Ranger classes
– Unique level up system with a variety of skills, talents and items to choose from
– Collect blood and use it as sacrifice at the Idols to boost your devotion to the Gods and enhance your abilities
– Visit the blacksmith to improve your gear or buy new items
– 2 different options to choose from when you die, each with its own advantages and disadvantage
– A story mode that will take through different mythological places where you will encounter all kinds of foes, some more familiar than others.
– Execute your enemies to restore your health or to gain extra blood that can be exchanged to revive faster
– Collect different and unique rune stone to enhance the idols and become more powerful
– Use the environment and game physics in your favor to gain the upper hand in combat
– Pray to your Norse God to gain their aid in battle and push back the Templars and their God

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