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The Equinox Hunt


Since time immemorial, the Equinox Hunt took place in the depths of the forest. The prey has to go through the night for a chance at freedom. The forest is full of lurking hunters, ready at any moment to engulf their victim in fear and sheer terror.
Even if the hunters are brutal, they grouped themselves into different specialized factions. Though different, they cooperate during the hunt to ensure the toughness of their victims.

– Hide from the hunters and make your way through the woods.
– Escape from the forest and reclaim your freedom.
– Discover the mystery behind the cultists and their ritual.


– True stealth. You’re not a hunter, you’re the VICTIM.
– Multiple enemy factions: Trappers, Prowlers, Snipers and Cutters, each of them specialized in a unique combat style.
– Each faction leader will subject the player to different situations.
– Use the environment to ease your way out.
– When your character dies, he’s gone forever, yet you still have a chance, since the hunt never stops.


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