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Codename: CVD

By OG Studio

Codename: CVD
Developer: OG Studio
Launch date: August 2020
Platforms: PC
OG Studio (

Ever wanted to work in a hospital? To help people and to fight with viruses?

Welcome to Harmendower Hospital, a small hospital situated in your town.
The staff has been infected, and it’s your responsibility to keep your patients safe.
Take Meds, deliver them to every patient, and keep them healthy.

You are Steve Wornighower, an experienced doctor from your town. You are the last healthy doctor,
and now it’s your time to make the town healthy.


– Deliver meds to patiens
– Make sure everyone’s healthy
– Kill viruses
– Take meds in case you’re infected

SebiTCR – Art, sound, programming, animation
SebiKo3Ma – Level design, programming
Unknown soundwaves – Music

Can I play it on my phone?
In the near future, yea.

I found a bug. How do I report it?
You can inform us on our discord server.

Can I play C:CVD on twitch?
Yep, we don’t have a problem with that.

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