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Classified Stories

Classified Stories is a first-person puzzle and adventure game that follows the adventures of Jim Morrison, a private investigator living in Boston, Massachusetts.

Once the source of cocktail-party pride, now Morrison’s past threatens to thrust him into the machinations of something far beyond the scope of criminals and madmen.

Players must gather information and solve puzzles in order to understand and reach the end of each episodic case.

More cases will be added as time passes, as each episode promises to further develop the overarching storyline.

Case 1 – The Tome of Myrkah:
Boston, 1979 – a curious letter finds its way on your office desk. A series of unexplained disappearances in a nearby village has prompted a long-forgotten friend to seek out the help of ”the great detective Morrison”.

The writing betrays a sense of urgency, as many of the sentences are scribbled through bulbous stains of ink. Be it due to the money promised, or old-time camaraderie, you decide to take the case. What do you not know, though, is that this singular decision will forever blur the line between what you considered real and what you thought was mere fantasy.

Your friend awaits for you at the farm.

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